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Warning: This video is crashing Apple’s iPhone

by Brandon Russell | November 22, 2016November 22, 2016 10:00 am PST

A five-second video circulating the internet has become a real headache for a lot of iPhone users. As demonstrated in a video from The Verge, the snippet causes iPhones to slow down and eventually freeze up. The issue affects devices running iOS 10.1 release, as well as those testing iOS 10.2 beta.

The MP4 video wreaking havoc on iPhones everywhere appears harmless enough. And devices even work as normal shortly after the video stops. But, like venom spreading through a person’s veins, handsets soon starts to slow down, until eventually freezing up altogether.

“It appears that the video is corrupt, generating a loop that causes the iPhone to crash around 10 seconds after watching it,” The Verge said. “It appears to only crash devices when it’s sent as a link rather than simply transferred as a file.”

As the video demonstrates, the only way to bring an iPhone back to life is to perform a hard reset (hold down the power button and home button at the same time). Fortunately, iPhones appear to work normally after being rebooted, so it doesn’t sound like the video has any lasting effects.

Be wary of unknown links

Now that this bug is gaining widespread attention, hopefully Apple will roll out a fix sooner rather than later. This isn’t the first time a bug has rendered iPhones useless; last year, there was a particularly mischievous iMessage bug that Apple quickly patched. And who could forget about the infamous 1970 bug?

Check out The Verge’s video below to see how this bug works. And be careful what you click on in messages.


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