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Apple responds to latest new MacBook Pro criticism

by Danny Zepeda | November 21, 2016November 21, 2016 11:45 am PDT

Apple’s new MacBook Pro is still experiencing a lot of criticism of over the omission of important pro tools. One of those omissions was the lack of RAM options beyond 16GB. Apple isn’t sitting still and is responding to the controversy, trying to clarify why it didn’t include a 32GB option.

“The MacBook Pro uses 16GB of very fast LPDDR memory, up to 2133MHZ,” Apple’s Phil Schiller explained to MacDaddy, responding to the question about the RAM issue. “To support 32GB of memory would require using DDR memory that is now low power and also require a different design of the logic board which might reduce space for batteries. Both factors would reduce battery life.”

This answer falls in line with Apple’s previous answers to the question. It’s also not surprising to see Apple to take such a stand. LPDDR3 RAM, which is more efficient than other options, caps out at 16GB. Anything higher than that and Apple would have to use a different CPU given the current MacBook Pro chip (Intel Skylake) doesn’t support LPDDR4 RAM. This would have made the shift a fragmented mess.

Apple made the tough but correct decision with new MacBook Pro’s RAM

This is no doubt frustrating for some users, but it seems to be the only way Apple was willing to deal with the situation. With reviews already coming out, battery life is turning out to be not as good as with previous MacBook Pros. We recently got the new MacBook Pros into the office and can confirm the battery life on the Touch Bar MacBooks isn’t anything to brag about, but we’ll leave the rest of our conclusions until the final review. We can only imagine just how terrible battery life would have been with 32GB of RAM, if Apple’s claims that it would cut battery life are indeed true.


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