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On NES Classic launch day, one system was sold on eBay every 18 seconds

by Joey Davidson | November 17, 2016November 17, 2016 9:00 am PDT

Are you ready for a ridiculous statistic that paints a vivid picture of retail scalping culture as it applies to video games? It’s the headline, really. On the day the NES Classic Edition launched, one of the consoles was sold every 18 seconds on eBay for an average price of $230.

The NES Classic carries an MSRP of $59.99, so eBay shoppers were paying almost four times retail cost just to secure an NES Classic.

These statistics were provided to Polygon by eBay.

The NES Classic is absurdly hard to find

The NES Classic Edition seems to be the perfect holiday gift. It’s relatively inexpensive, it offers quality and it tickles that nostalgia bone so many of us cling to with our love for all things retro. One would think Nintendo would have strived to produce enough.

They didn’t, and scalpers are having a field day.

This console is selling out in seconds whenever it’s posted anywhere online. Walmart is offering it daily at 5pm ET until Nov. 18. I’ve watched those listings. The site crashes, it’s slow to load, the console is available for an unstable 30 seconds and then it disappears.

I still advise you to wait until Nintendo builds enough stock. Paying $230 for an emulator in a cute box just isn’t worth it.


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