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The hit Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle has 5 hours of new content and an incredible, today only price drop

by Danny Zepeda | November 15, 2016November 15, 2016 5:30 am PDT


2016 saw a huge rise in cyber attacks – especially public ones – and companies are reinvesting in the security of their network infrastructure. What does that mean for you? There is a lot of money to be made in ethical hacking. If you want to break into this lucrative and growing industry, check out the Ethical Hacker Bonus Bundle, available today at the doorbuster price of only $25 in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store.

Across nine courses and more than 60 hours of instruction, this comprehensive collection of security knowledge will teach you what it takes to protect a digital system – and how black hat hackers might try to destroy it.

With this training, you’ll understand how to spot and neutralize system vulnerabilities, crack passwords, launch attacks, catch intruders and build up network defenses against crippling cyber attacks.

Your package of training includes:

  • Ethical Hacking from Beginner to Advanced Techniques
  • Ethical Hacking for Beginners
  • WebSecNinja: Lesser Known WebAttacks
  • Automated Mobile Application Security Assessment with MobSF
  • Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Build an Advanced Keylogger Using C++ for Ethical Hacking
  • Linux Security & Hardening: The Practical Security Guide
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks for Pentesters
  • How to Build a $120,000/Year Career as a Web Penetration Tester

Yep, there’s even a course showing you how to land a six-figure career with your newfound skills — which should make for a very happy new year. This course package is valued at $681, but you can start studying for more than 90% off with this $25 doorbuster limited time offer.

Danny Zepeda

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