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A Guardians of the Galaxy video game is being made by Telltale, leak says

by Joey Davidson | November 14, 2016November 14, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

Is Telltale working on a video game for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy? This leak says so.

The word comes from an odd place: the SAG-AFTRA strike. We’ve been covering this. The voice actors and mo-cap performers behind the video games we all play are in the midst of a strike. They recently released a list of the projects they’re walking out on thanks to the strike.

In that list is Guardians of the Galaxy: The Video Game (AKA “Blue Harvest,” likely its code name). It’s tied to what appears to be a dummy LLC called O’Farrell Enterprises. The only other game below that name is the Telltale made The Walking Dead Season 3. The rumors connect the dots and indicate that Guardians is a Telltale game.

I’d take a Guardians of the Galaxy from Telltale in a heartbeat

I’ll admit it, I’ve grown a bit tired of Telltale’s efforts recently. In fact, I haven’t really been invested in one of their games since The Wolf Among Us, which I adored.

Guardians of the Galaxy would pull me right back into the Telltale fold, regardless of the now tired gameplay mechanics it would foster. I’ve heard incredible things about their take on Borderlands and Batman, and Guardians has always been a favorite of mine. I wouldn’t be able to resist.

How about you?


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