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Nintendo’s uploaded the original instruction booklets for all 30 NES Classic games

by Joey Davidson | November 13, 2016November 13, 2016 9:00 am PST


Really want those waves of nostalgia to come crashing in as you sit down to play your NES Classic? Nintendo’s offering a good way for that to happen.

The company has uploaded all 30 manuals as they were printed upon each game’s release. The manuals exist in PDF form, and you can access the index page for each of them at the source link below.

An age when instruction booklets mattered

Printed manuals used to be an important piece of a video game’s package. A few years back, I wrote about the slow death of instruction booklets, and I still look back fondly on that classic age.

What did you get with these manuals? Well, instructions for one thing. The manuals also included unique backstory elements with, sometimes, 10 or 20 pages of plot to read up on. Since the images on screen were all 8-bit sprites, the manuals also contained actual art for each character and setting.

These booklets were, admittedly, bathroom reading material. However, they provided so much visual context and lore for what was happening on my TV that their inclusion was a blessing to me.

I miss instruction booklets, don’t you?


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