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Dishonored 2 is busted on PC – Don’t preorder games

by Eric Frederiksen | November 11, 2016November 11, 2016 6:30 am PDT

After years of punditry claiming the death of PC gaming, it seems like we’re in a golden age, with games releasing across consoles and PC on the same day and more options than ever for a PC gamer to get their game on. There’s some gold chipping off, though, as many of these games see PC releases with a whole host of issues. The Bethesda-published Dishonored 2 is the most recent victim.

While Bethesda’s latest is only releasing to the greater public today as you read this, it’s already in the hands of those who pre-ordered it, and gamers are reporting a host of issues, including mouse and audio stutter and frame rate problems. Reviews on Steam, which stand at a “Mixed” rating, come from users who can run games like Battlefield 1 on Ultra while not being able to reach a steady 30 frames per second on medium settings.

Don’t pre-order games, wait a few days.

It’s easy, of course, to blame this particular instance on Bethesda’s new “no early copies” review policy, but Bethesda certainly isn’t the only culprit in this rash of troubled releases, and the proliferation of multi-gigabyte, day-one patches makes it hard for even those reviewing games to determine whether they’re running as they should. Or, in the case of No Man’s Sky, it wasn’t even the same game.

Game director Harvey Smith took to Twitter to say that his team is investigating the issue. Meanwhile, Bethesda and Arkane posted a FAQ that suggests lowering your resolution and avoiding things like alt-tabbing out of the game. Thanks, guys.

If you’re excited about Dishonored 2 and planning to play it on PC, you might want to wait a few weeks.

Eric Frederiksen

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