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Samsung apologizes for Galaxy Note 7 disaster in U.S. newspapers

by Killian Bell | November 8, 2016November 8, 2016 4:00 am PDT

Samsung has taken out full-page ads in a number of U.S. newspapers to apologize for its Galaxy Note 7 disaster. The South Korean company says it is “truly sorry” for not delivering best-in-class quality, and it insists safety remains its top priority.

“An important tenet of our mission is to offer best-in-class safety and quality. Recently, we fell short on this promise. For this we are truly sorry,” reads the apology written by Gregory Lee, President and CEO of Samsung America, which was published in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

“We will re-examine every aspect of the device, including all hardware, software, manufacturing and the overall battery structure. We will move as quickly as possible, but will take the time needed to get the right answers.”

“Most importantly, safety remains our top priority. We will listen to you, learn from this and act in a way that allows us to earn back your trust. We are grateful for your ongoing support and again, we are truly sorry.”

On Friday, Samsung confirmed that 85 percent of Galaxy Note 7 handsets have now been replaced, with many customers choosing another Samsung device over a full refund. But Samsung is keen to ensure the other 15 percent are also handed back.

With an update rolling out to handsets in the U.S., the company is capping battery life at 60 percent in an effort to prevent overheating. It will also provide constant popup notifications to remind users that their device should be returned.

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