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Fallout 4 mod support on PlayStation 4 is closing in

by Eric Frederiksen | November 8, 2016November 8, 2016 7:00 am PST

While Xbox One has had access to Fallout 4 mods since this summer, PlayStation 4 has been out in the cold, waiting and looking through the frosty window. PlayStation 4 users almost have their mod support, though, even if it’s hobbled.

Bethesda announced yesterday that the Creation Kit, the modding software for Fallout 4, now supports uploading of PlayStation 4 mods. The game doesn’t quite yet, but Bethesda says it’s not far off:

That big caveat

Unlike with PC and Xbox One, though, PlayStation 4’s mod support is pretty limited. Sony’s limitations were so severe that Bethesda had initially decided not to move forward with mods at all. We made noise, though, and the two companies kissed and made up, kind of. On PlayStation 4, mods are limited to 1GB instead of the 5 on Xbox One, and only in-game assets can be used. No importing skins for macho men or tank engines.

But it’s still coming, and many of the most useful mods will surely make their way over, even if the stranger and more entertaining ones are kept out.


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