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Samsung to cap Galaxy Note 7 battery life at 60% in U.S.

by Killian Bell | November 7, 2016November 7, 2016 4:03 am PDT

The Galaxy Note 7 has very little value at this point, but an update that’s rolling out to devices in the U.S. soon will ensure it’s totally worthless. Samsung has confirmed it will cap battery life at 60 percent in an effort to prevent overheating.

As of November 4, 85 percent of all Note 7 devices in the U.S. have been replaced through the Refund and Exchange program, Samsung says. The vast majority of customers opted to receive another Samsung smartphone rather than take a full refund.

That means around 15 percent of handsets are still out there, and are likely still in use. Samsung wants to prevent Note 7 owners from using their devices for obvious reasons, so it’s going to make it difficult — and incredibly annoying.

With an update that’s rolling out soon, Samsung will prevent the Note 7 from charging beyond 60 percent. It has already made this move in other markets, and now it’s happening in the U.S. This will reduce the risk of the handset overheating (Samsung hopes).

It will also make it more difficult to use because it will need charging more frequently, which should persuade those who were determined to keep hold of their Note 7 to think again. If that wasn’t enough, Samsung’s going to send constant, nagging reminders to send the device back.

Every time a Note 7 is plugged in to charge, powered on, or even woken from sleep, a popup notification will remind the user that the device has been recalled and their handset should be replaced. The only thing you can do to get away from it is get rid of your Note 7.

If you haven’t already done that, you should. There’s no good reason to keep one anymore.


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