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Nintendo announces special New Nintendo 3DS for $99.99 on Black Friday

by Joey Davidson | November 7, 2016November 7, 2016 1:30 pm PST

Been eying up a New Nintendo 3DS? Black Friday this year will be a great chance to scoop one up.

Nintendo’s announced a New Nintendo 3DS for $99.99. The system comes in two limited edition forms, seen in the gallery above. One’s black, the other’s white. Both feature Super Mario Bros. designs.

This marks the first time the New Nintendo 3DS dips below $100 MSRP. The Nintendo 2DS sells for $79.99 and, typically, comes bundled with a game. For $20 more, you lose the game but gain the clamshell design, 3D-capable display and larger screens.

If I was in the market, this New Nintendo 3DS would be in my sights.

$100 is a killer price for the New Nintendo 3DS

Sure, the hardware is aging and Nintendo is poised to release a new console next year. Even with that in mind, $100 to jump into portable gaming on the 3DS is a great entry price. While this system isn’t bundled with anything, the 3DS features a large library of great games to pick from.

Will you scoop up a New Nintendo 3DS on Black Friday?

Joey Davidson

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