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Watch an hour of NES Classic gameplay, enjoy the retro glory

by Joey Davidson | November 6, 2016November 6, 2016 12:00 pm PDT

The NES Classic and its 30 games are set to release soon, and Nintendo’s sent out a few units for YouTube and press to test. One such outlet is GameXplain, home to tons of massively in-depth commentary.

GameXplain hosted an hour long livestream of NES Classic gameplay this week, and they archived it for the world to enjoy. Here’s that video as they play Super Mario Bros. 3CastlevaniaKid IcarusDr. Mario and more.

The NES Classic release date is Nov. 11, 2016, but good luck

Unless you pre-ordered one of these mini consoles, you might have a hard time scooping one up. They are pre-sold out everywhere, and some major shops like Gamestop weren’t even giving customers a chance to reserve one.

The NES Classic sells for $59.99, and it features some of the best games from the NES era. While not perfect, this little device has consumers both diehard and casual in love. Count me among them.

Joey Davidson

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