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Disney’s Magic Highway from 1958 is a beautiful glimpse into the future

by Joey Davidson | November 6, 2016November 6, 2016 3:00 pm PDT

“Speed, safety and comfort will be the keynotes of tomorrow’s highways.” That’s how the “Magic Highway” short opens up.

I grew up watching shorts like the one you see above. Disney, at least to me, has always been a blend of adventure and wonder. These shorts represent that old vision.

The “Magic Highway” short imagines a future with self-driving cars, cargo rockets, floating skyways and office parking spots. It’s old-fashioned, complete with some socially unacceptable ideas by modern standards.

But that imagination. It’s sort of inspiring, isn’t it? Shorts like these are why I love Disney. I know, it’s cheesy by today’s standard; but, that unbridled optimism coupled with visions of the future is wonderful.

As always, the best part about this future-looking short is what’s come true. Rearview cameras are a thing. Cars have cruise control. GPS systems exist. It’s possible to video call from your car, though not safe if you’re driving. Of course, self-driving cars will solve that problem.

Will all these Disney innovations come to light? No, certainly not. It’s still a beautiful clip.

Joey Davidson

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