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Upcoming Note 7 update will pester owners to return the device

by Brandon Russell | November 4, 2016November 4, 2016 5:30 pm PST

Samsung on Friday said nearly 85 percent of all recalled Note 7 units have been returned in the U.S. To which we say, why haven’t the remaining 15 percent returned the phone for a replacement?

In a statement to media Samsung appears to be wondering the same thing. The company said all devices still on the market will soon receive an update, basically designed to annoy people into submission.

The software update will roll out in the coming days and limit the phone’s ability to charge beyond 60 percent. But that’s not all.

Every time a Note 7 owner charges their device, a pop-up notification will remind them to return the device. Same goes for reboots, and even when a Note 7 user turns on the screen.

Return your Note 7 now

If you constantly turn the display on to check notifications, the messages will get real old, real fast. And that’s the point.

Samsung is hoping these notifications will annoy people enough to get them to return the device. Which, at this point, you should do immediately.

If you haven’t turned your Note 7, there are several great alternatives on the market.

Brandon Russell

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