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Square Enix revealing more Dragon Quest XI footage on 30th anniversary celebration

Square Enix is using the 30th anniversary to relaunch the Dragon Quest series with its first classic home console experience in over a decade. On Dec. 29, the company will take to Japanese airwaves on NHK and debut more footage of the highly anticipated Dragon Quest XI.

The broadcast begins at 10 PM and will feature several of the series’ biggest names, like creator Yuji Horii and composer Koichi Sugiyama.

We’ve already seen footage from both the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS versions, but it remains to be seen if Nintendo is ready to let any third-party companies show off their Nintendo Switch games yet. I find it unlikely we’ll be seeing that build of Dragon Quest XI before the Nintendo Direct presentation in January.

Dragon Quest XI is a return to normalcy

The last two Dragon Quest games have been oddballs to the overall series. Dragon Quest IX, despite being one of the best reviewed and the biggest commercial success both in Japan and overseas, leaned heavily on multiplayer functions and was playable only on the Nintendo DS. Dragon Quest X is an MMORPG that is available on a wide variety of consoles, everything from smartphones to the Nintendo 3DS to even the PC and PlayStation 4.

The last time Dragon Quest saw a proper single player JRPG on a home console was with Dragon Quest VIII back in 2004 on the PlayStation 2. This also remains one of the most beloved games in the series, and expectations are high for Dragon Quest XI to fill in its shoes.

We’ve only seen a brief amount of footage so far, so this reveal is going to be huge, especially if NHK is hosting. The game is expected to release before May 27, 2017, which is the last day of the 30th anniversary.


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