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Google Pixel outsells Nexus 6P in first week, report claims

by Killian Bell | November 3, 2016November 3, 2016 4:19 am PDT

Google’s new Pixel lineup may be its most expensive smartphone family yet, but that hasn’t stopped pure Android fans. The company’s new devices managed to outsell the popular Nexus 6P during their first week on the market.

Pixel and Pixel XL are by far Google’s greatest smartphones to date. They’re pretty, they have stellar displays and superb cameras, and they offer almost all the features you could want in a high-end smartphone (except water-resistance and a microSD card slot).

Google has also put more effort into marketing the Pixel lineup than it did with previous handsets, which means more consumers are aware of them. It has ads all over the internet, billboards in big cities, and ads on TV.

According to Appboy, which analyzed more than 100 million app installs between October 20 and October 27 to determine Pixel sales, this marketing effort is paying off. Pixel and Pixel XL are selling a whole lot faster than the Nexus 6P.

During its first week, the Pixel grabbed 0.016 percent of the entire smartphone market share, while Pixel XL grabbed 0.020 percent. That doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s not bad when you consider how tough the smartphone market is, and how many devices are available.

Incredible growth in week one

What’s more impressive is Pixel’s growth rate. After one week, sales of the Pixel were up 274 percent over launch day, while sales of the Pixel XL were up 158 percent. That’s even greater than the Galaxy S7, which grew 104 percent, and the S7 edge, which grew 171 percent.


It’s important to note that the Pixel sales are nowhere near those of the Galaxy S7 series, but Google will certainly be pleased with growth like this. And let’s not forget it could have been even greater had Pixel supply not been constrained for Google and Verizon.

Have you picked up your Pixel yet?

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