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Apple’s new MacBook Pro gets awful repair score in teardown

by Brandon Russell | November 1, 2016November 1, 2016 1:00 pm PST

There’s a lot to like about Apple’s new MacBook Pro—even the base model without the Touch Bar has a lot to offer. The screen is better and the design is tighter and more compact. But, as iFixit found, the svelte new laptop is also a nightmare to repair.

Among the key findings in iFixit’s teardown, the website discovered the RAM is soldered to the logic board, which means what you buy can’t be upgraded in the future. “Pay for the upgrade now, or be stuck with 8GB forever,” iFixit said.

Paying a few extra bucks up front will initially be tough on your wallet, but the investment might be worth it in the long term.

Additionally, iFixit says the MacBook Pro features a removable SSD that’s powered by a custom Apple controller. However, the site says the SSD also has a new form factor and a new pin configuration.

Meanwhile, the teardown revealed that although the MacBook Pro includes a headphone jack, it probably won’t stick around for long.

“The jack is a modular unit (with two microphones) taped to the top of the fan,” iFixit wrote. “That should make it pretty easy to replace with a Lightning or USB-C connector in the next model.”

You can forget about repairing it yourself

Some other tidbits from iFixit’s teardown:

  • Apple boasted its Butterfly mechanism keyboard was improved from the MacBook, and that is indeed the case.
  • The battery is “stubbornly adhered and really tough to remove.”
  • Apple’s “advanced thermal architecture” wasn’t “especially advanced,” according to iFixit.

In the end, the MacBook Pro (without the Touch Bar) got a measly 2 out of 10 on the repairability scale, 10 being the easiest. For most people, none of this will be an issue, and Apple’s laptops have never been all that easy to repair anyway. But that’s still a pretty bad score, especially for people looking to possibly upgrade the machine on their own.

Check out iFixit’s full report at the source link below.


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