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Iconic Mac startup sound is gone in new MacBook Pro

by Brandon Russell | October 31, 2016October 31, 2016 12:30 pm PST

It’s more like a “Boooooooong.” Or maybe a hum. Every Mac owner recognizes Apple’s startup sound. It’s there to indicate your machine has successfully booted up. But with Apple’s new MacBook Pro, the company decided to ditch the chime altogether.

You’d think Apple would replace the sound with something else but you’d be wrong. Now, there’s just silence.

The change was first noticed by Pingie and later confirmed on a retail unit. As a side note, the MacBook Pro without Apple’s new Touch Bar is already available. That means we’re already living in a post-startup sound world.

Apple’s startup chime has been part of the Mac experience for more than a decade, but now that chapter has come to a close. Really, the sound has become more than a nuisance than anything, making it all but impossible to turn your machine on without waking the entire neighborhood.

There’s nothing more embarrassing than interrupting a quiet study session in the library with that sound.

It’s the end of an era

While the startup chime is gone, it’s unlikely MacBook Pro users will even notice. The new machines have been designed to turn on when opened, even when they’re fully turned off. So, the difference between startup and waking is only a matter of seconds.

That means the experience is more like using an iPhone or iPad than a computer, where your device is instantly ready to go when awakened from sleep. Users of Google’s Chrome OS have known the joys of instant bootup for years.

According to Apple’s trademark of the sound from 2012, the chime is described as “a synthesizer playing a slightly flat, by approximately 30 cents, G Flat / F Sharp major chord.”

The sound will now live on in our hearts and memories. (For what it’s worth, people have already figured out how to bring the sound back with a simple Terminal command.)

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