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Nintendo Switch packs 6.2″ inch touchscreen, memory capabilities rumored

by Ron Duwell | October 28, 2016October 28, 2016 7:00 am PDT

Eurogamer claims it has the inside scoop on a number of details Nintendo did not include in the Nintendo Switch’s reveal trailer last week. Sources told the publication many of the details back in July, and those details have been published in a report.

The two biggest details from Eurogamer include the size of the screen and its touch functions. Yes, the Nintendo Switch will have a 10-point multi-touch display, something that Nintendo fans had been worried about since it did not appear at all in the trailer. This leaves open the possibility for another generation of touch gaming from Nintendo as well as potential backwards compatibility for 3DS games and DS games on Virtual Console.

Eurogamer also claims that the size of the screen will be 6.2″, and it’s capable of a 720p screen resolution. Yes, for those of you not worried about which console has the biggest resolution available, the Nintendo Switch will still provide a quality image when taken as a portable device. The report does not include screen resolution when it is used as a home console in the game’s dock.

Nintendo Switch supports Micro SDXC cards, no external hard drive support

Another report from, which NintendoLife says has solid sources, discusses how the device charges and its memory capabilities. According to “a source close to the production of the reveal trailer,” the system charges through the hub via a USB-C in the bottom. This suggests Nintendo is moving away from its own chargers as it attempts to make room in the modern world.Likely, this USB-C port can be used with any standard USB outlet. For example, when you are flying on a plane and need a charge.

Likely, this USB-C port can be used with any standard USB outlet. For example, when you are flying on a plane and need a charge. you won’t be digging for your specific Nintendo charge, just a standard USB-C chord. also reports that the USB port does not support external hard drives like the Wii U did. Instead, the Nintendo Switch can support Micro SDXC cards with a capacity of up to 128GB.

Again, these are all rumors from unnamed sources, but they seem legit to me. We’ll find out more about the Nintendo Switch on Jan 12, 2017, through a new Nintendo Direct presentation.

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