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Google Pixel owners report connectivity issues with in-car Bluetooth

by Killian Bell | October 28, 2016October 28, 2016 5:02 am PST

Google has already vowed to fix the Pixel’s lens glare issue with a software update, but it seems that’s not the only thing the company needs to address. Some owners are reporting connectivity issues while using Pixel with in-car Bluetooth.

It’s unclear what causes the connectivity issue. Users report that they can connect their Pixel to their car just fine, but the device randomly disconnects later. Others say connectivity is temperamental and that only certain things work.

For instance, some users are able to listen to music through their car’s stereo, but an incoming call causes the Pixel to be disconnected.

It’s not yet known whether this issue is exclusive to Pixel phones, or whether it’s a problem with Android itself, according to Android Authority. Some users who have reported similar issues are using Nexus devices running the Android 7.1 preview, so it could be tied to that.

The good news is that Google is already aware of it and the company is said to be reaching out to those who are having problems.

Killian Bell

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