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Samsung promises answers to Galaxy Note 7 probe

Samsung has promised to provide fans with answers to its Galaxy Note 7 fiasco once it has finished its probe later this year. The South Korean company still says a “weakness” in some batteries is mostly to blame, but the exact cause of the explosions is still being analysed.

Kim Hong-gyeong, an executive with Samsung SDI, the company’s battery division, didn’t give a more specific time frame for the results. Another SDI executive insisted that the issue is limited to batteries for the Note 7, according to Reuters.

SDI says it has checked the safety of other products for other customers and found no defects. It has also confirmed it will supply batteries for Samsung’s next flagship, which is still scheduled to make its debut early next year as originally planned.

It is believed SDI supplied around 60 percent of the batteries for the Note 7, which made its initial debut in late August. More than 2.5 million units were recalled weeks later, and Samsung switched to different batteries in an effort to eliminate the overheating issue.

However, when its “safe” replacement handsets were made available, it was quickly discovered that the problem was still present — and more devices started catching fire. Samsung later issued a second recall and ceased production of the Note 7 for good.

Galaxy Note 8 still in the pipeline?

Recent rumors have suggested Samsung could give up on the Galaxy Note lineup and focus on just one flagship series — Galaxy S8 — in 2017. However, a recent announcement from the company suggests a Galaxy Note 8 is still in the pipeline.


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