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New MacBook Pro images with Magic Toolbar leaked

by Roy Choi | October 25, 2016October 25, 2016 12:43 pm PDT

MacRumors is reporting what looks like a pair of images showing off the New MacBook Pro complete with Magic Toolbar. This is just on the heels of the macOS update released earlier this week, which leaked the rumored MacBook Pro OLED touch panel in the OS’ code.

The new images clearly show an OLED touch panel and what looks very much like TouchID functionality.

It also appears that the newly designed MacBook Pro sports a pair of speakers that go along the side of the laptop’s keyboard. The TouchID features are expected to feature unlocking and ApplePay capability. Additionally, the OLED touch panel is rumored to support additional functionality that works with specific commands related to apps.

We expect to see new MacBook Pros Oct. 27 at Apple’s event. Join us here for the latest news.

What’s Apple Mac plan?

Apple is set to announce new Macs on Oct 27. The most anticipated news appears to be that of a new line of MacBook Pros, complete with Touch ID, USB-C, and Magic Toolbar features.


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