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This Nintendo Switch fan concept suggests game-specific controllers, and we like it

by Joey Davidson | October 24, 2016October 24, 2016 10:30 am PDT

The Nintendo Switch debuted last week. Nintendo’s newest console works with your TV, and it’s playable as a portable device.

One interesting feature is its detachable Joy-Con controllers. These two inputs slide onto the device’s side (or onto the controller-like accessory). They’ve been a rumored feature of the Switch since August.

Back then, a fan named Ryan Salamanda did up a concept with these detachable controllers. What if Nintendo created game-specific bundles to bring unique controls to each title?

Check it out.

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of potential for accessories.

This fan-made concept might never come to fruition. I recognize that. But, it suggests a lot about the future of the console.

With the Wii, Nintendo had some unrealized potential with console add-ons. The Wii Remotes included an input for accessories. That only really took off with the Nunchuck. Though, Nintendo seemed willing to try more with the Crossbow for Link’s Crossbow Training. They sort of stopped, and Wii accessories became a niche gimmick for third-party hardware makers.


The Nintendo Switch presents a new opportunity for Nintendo to develop interesting accessories. They might not take on the form of what we see above, but that would definitely be cool.

We’ll have more Nintendo Switch news as it comes.

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