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Nintendo Switch modeled in 3D, viewable in VR

by Joey Davidson | October 24, 2016October 24, 2016 3:30 pm PST

The Nintendo Switch officially debuted last week. The reveal video already has more than 17 million views at the time of writing this post, and it’s been buzzing about the internet ever since.

Most fans are excited to see more of the console. Why not a 3D representation that you can actually experience in VR?

Sure. Of course that exists.

That widget works in VR, if you have a capable device. It’s neat and gives a pretty cool sense of what the Switch will look like in person.

Will the Nintendo Switch be comfortable?

I have no way of inferring or assuming exactly how comfortable the Nintendo Switch will be. It certainly looks nice in models like this one, but seeing isn’t really believing in this case.

I’m excited for the Switch, even more so than I thought I’d be ahead of its unveiling. Widgets like this one fan the flames for me, and I want to know more about the Nintendo Switch soon.

The bad news? We might not hear anything else official until 2017.

Joey Davidson

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