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Nintendo Switch won’t be physically backwards compatible with 3DS and Wii games

by Ron Duwell | October 24, 2016October 24, 2016 2:00 pm PDT


The Nintendo Switch trailer revealed a few details about the upcoming console, one of the most obvious among them being the use of unique cartridges. This is a welcome addition, but it leaves the question open as to how backwards compatibility will play out with Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and, indeed, other Nintendo console games will play out.

Nintendo is not saying much on the specifics of the Switch just yet, but when speaking with Famitsu, it did confirm that the console would not be able to support Wii U discs and Nintendo 3DS cartridges.

This leaves open the possibility of digital games

I shouldn’t have to spell this out for those who can read between the lines, but the statement certainly doesn’t disqualify the use of digital games. However, I’m finding it hard to believe that the Switch will support games from either console because we are not sure if it has a touch-screen, a necessity for both Wii U and 3DS games. Furthermore, we do know that the Switch can’t act as a second gaming screen like the Wii U can.

Two-screen gaming could be totally in Nintendo’s past now.

This would not be ideal for those of us who like backwards compatibility to play older games, but I wouldn’t rule out all options. Virtual Console is a safe bet to be included on the Switch, and maybe we’ll finally start seeing GameCube games this generation. Super Mario Sunshine, F-Zero GX, it’s these games’ turn to come back into the spotlight.

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