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GameStop not taking pre-orders for the NES Classic Edition

by Ron Duwell | October 24, 2016October 24, 2016 12:00 pm PST

If you want one of the hottest items on the market this holiday season, you’re going to have to line up to get one. The NES Classic Edition launches on Nov. 11, and pre-orders have not yet opened anywhere. Recent hints from GameStop indicate it might never be up for pre-order either.

The official Twitter page answered a follower’s question about pre-orders with about as definitive of a statement as it gets.

Better wake up early and get in line!


You know what this means! On a cold November morning, you or your parents are going to have to wake up at 4 AM, trudge out into the possible snow, and wait in front of your local GameStop for the store to open. Web sites are going to crash, buyers are going to be pouring in my the thousands, and all hell is going to break loose on the net. Pre-orders might fix that, but with the Internet blowing up left and right these days, the old fashioned way might prove to be the most efficient way of getting one before the end of the year.

Excitement for the NES Classic Edition is exceedingly high, and everyone everywhere wants one! I wonder if Nintendo severely underestimated the hype that this would generate and if it is currently dividing up the relatively few consoles it has among larger retailers.

Either way, good luck! It’s every gamer for themselves this year when the NES Classic Edition launches on Nov. 11.

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