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You didn’t see any children in the Nintendo Switch reveal trailer, but that’s normal

by Joey Davidson | October 21, 2016October 21, 2016 5:00 pm PDT

We saw plenty of rooftop party folks with the Nintendo Switch reveal, but we didn’t see children. Is this some sort of massive image change for Nintendo?

Well, maybe. Let’s flash back to the reveal of the Wii U. This comes from E3 2011.

Not a good ad, right? At the time, some were confused. They thought the Wii U was simply a new Wii controller. I can’t say I blame them.

What about children, though? There are none in the ad. Granted, we can’t see specific people thanks to the way it’s shot, but Nintendo never focuses on kids here.

The 3DS?

No kids.

Things were different back in the Nintendo DS days, but there were no kids in this reveal either.

Okay, wait, what about the Nintendo Revolution? That was the code name for the Wii before its launch. Did that reveal trailer feature any kids? Well, there was only one, and he wasn’t the focus at all.

Nintendo will always seem like a kid-focused company, regardless of actual marketing.

Despite the fact that the reveal trailers for the Wii and Wii U had nothing or very little to do with kids, there’s this misconception that Nintendo always targets children. I read it multiple times on Twitter, heard it from friends and saw it in comment sections. “Wow,” the general tone read, “there were now kids in the Switch reveal video!”

Yes, Nintendo makes family-friendly software. However, as the Nintendo Switch ad that’s focused on Brooklyn hipsters above proves, children aren’t necessarily the ones they’re always targeting.

Odds are, the ones queuing up to check out console reveals do exist in the teen-to-young adult demographic. It was no surprise that Nintendo didn’t feature kids in the ad yesterday, despite what you may have heard.

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