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Analysts say the most Nintendo can charge for the Switch is $299 – Do you agree?

by Joey Davidson | October 21, 2016October 21, 2016 1:30 pm PDT

Nintendo debuted the Nintendo Switch yesterday. The video as already raked in over 10 million views, is #1 trending on YouTube and has dominated talk in the online space ever since.

With all of that happening, Games Industry gathered comments from the top industry analysts regarding the unannounced price of the system. More specifically, they were asked how much it should cost.

The general consensus? $299 is the most Nintendo can charge for the Nintendo Switch. You can read the whole report by hitting the source below, but I grabbed independent analyst Dr. Serkan Toto’s quote for your consideration. He makes a strong point.

“They must find a way to release the Switch at US$299 to stand a chance, that’s the threshold… It’s not impossible by offering the device in multiple versions, i.e. without the home dock. ‘Hardcore’ video game fans can, at US$299, already get fantastic devices from Sony and Microsoft. The portable gaming use case, at scale, has been taken over by smart devices.”

Is $299 the sweet spot for the Nintendo Switch?

I think it is, quite honestly. The Switch is being compared to the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 tablet. In a lot of ways, it makes use of similar tech. The Switch offers a custom Tegra processor. The Tegra K1 processor is used in the NVIDIA SHIELD K1 tablet. That device costs $199, so there’s no reason Nintendo can’t make the Switch work for less than $300 unless the new processor costs a heck of a lot more.

I think that’s all gamers will pay, too. Yes, portability is wonderful, but gamers look at the PS4 and the Xbox One as barometers for the Switch. If Nintendo Switch is less powerful than those now years-old consoles, it needs to be cheaper, too.

What do you think? Is $299 the right price for the Nintendo Switch?

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