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Android 7.1’s Night Light feature not coming to Nexus devices

by Brandon Russell | October 21, 2016October 21, 2016 11:30 am PST

This week, Google rolled out the first developer preview for Android 7.1, introducing features such as app shortcuts and image keyboard support. Unfortunately, the preview doesn’t include Google’s Night Light feature, which warms your screen so it’s not quite so hard on your eyes. There’s more.

According to Ian Lake, an Android developer advocate, Night Light and fingerprint reader gestures won’t be coming to existing Nexus phones at all. If you want the best Android experience, you’ll have to pick up a Pixel.

These features aren’t the only ones to be kept from Nexus owners. Google Assistant is also exclusive to the Pixel, although there are ways to get it up and running on devices running Android Nougat. Android Police points out the features aren’t coming to Nexus phones due to hardware limitations.

If you want the best Android experience, you’ll have to pick up a Pixel.

Night Light is particularly useful because studies show blue light emitted from mobile displays can negatively affect how well you sleep. Apple introduced a similar feature in iOS 10 called Night Shift.

Nexus owners are still getting some pretty cool features in Android 7.1, but it still sucks hearing about features that won’t make it to older devices.

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