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Samsung goes after GTA V’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 mod

by Killian Bell | October 20, 2016October 20, 2016 5:04 am PDT

Samsung will be hoping consumers can forget about the whole Galaxy Note 7 fiasco as quickly as possible, but it doesn’t care much for those who are trying to laugh it off. The company this week went after GTA V mod that lets you use the Note 7 as a bomb.

The rather hilarious hack makes GTA V’s sticky bomb look like Samsung’s flagship phablet. It wasn’t called the Note 7 in-game, but the device looked just like it, complete with Samsung logo. As you might have guessed, Samsung wasn’t a fan.

Modded Games, which published a YouTube video that showed the mod in action, received an email this week (and a copyright strike) to say that the clip had been pulled following a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request from Samsung America.

Another video of the mod has since been uploaded to YouTube — you can watch it below — but it’s likely this one will also disappear soon, so enjoy it while you can.

The mod itself is still available for use in GTA V, and it’s likely it could be made innocent with a simple tweak that removes the Samsung logo. However, that kind of takes away all the fun.

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