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iPhone 7 “bursts into flames” and destroys car

by Todd Haselton | October 20, 2016October 20, 2016 6:30 am PDT

The Galaxy Note 7 isn’t the only smartphone capable of destroying a car. An Australian surfer said his new iPhone 7 recently set the interior of his car ablaze.

Yahoo7News said the surfer, Mat Jones, went out for a surf lesson and left the iPhone 7 in his car. The device was under a pile of Jones’ clothes where it presumably overheated and lit the clothing on fire. In the images above, you can see the flames still smoking and the absolutely charred iPhone 7.

A third party charger?

Usually these sorts of things can be chalked up to third party chargers, but Jones told Yahoo7News that he wasn’t using one. He’s also confident the iPhone 7 was the source of the flames, not some other devices or outside source… like a cigarette. Jones told the news outlet he also hadn’t dropped the phone, which might have damaged something internally.

There have been reports of other iPhone fires, but it doesn’t seem to be as frequent or widespread as those that affected the Galaxy Note 7. We’ll let you know if this continues.

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