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PlayStation VR sells over 50k units in Japan in first week

by Joey Davidson | October 19, 2016October 19, 2016 8:30 am PST

We don’t have an accurate picture of how well PlayStation VR is selling so far globally. That likely won’t come for a few months.

Thankfully, Japan is more open about hardware and software sales. Tracking outlet Media Create listed the first week of PlayStation VR sales in Sony’s home country. The headset moved roughly 51,000 units.

It was the biggest piece of gaming hardware for the week, of course. The PlayStation 4 sold 30,000 units, 3DS with 27,500 units, PS Vita with 8,700 units, Wii U with 2,400 units, PS3 with 814 units and the Xbox One with a whopping 323 units.

The Xbox One’s sales are actually up from 88 units sold the week before. That console isn’t doing well in Japan. Its lifetime sales are at 68,700 units.

PlayStation VR has a decent launch in Japan, but will it hold?

PlayStation VR is not a new console. It’s an accessory. It’s an expensive accessory. That expense is especially important in Japan, a country that’s slowly transitioned away from consoles and towards handhelds and mobile devices.

$400 on an accessory for a less preferred platform is a tough sell in Japan. Seeing over 50,000 units sold in one week is tremendous for PlayStation VR.

We don’t have an accurate estimation of how many headsets Sony has sold around the globe. The company hasn’t offered much. They’ve said something like hundreds of thousands have shipped, but details stop there.

For now, this is a great start. I’m more interested to see PSVR’s sales next week.

We’ll have that news as it comes.

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