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Google streaming TV service said to lock down CBS, Disney coming

by Brandon Russell | October 19, 2016October 19, 2016 11:49 am PDT

Google has signed with CBS for a new TV service, according to CNBC. The report claims the service could launch in early 2017 with a handful of partners, including Fox and Disney.

Over the summer, a report claimed YouTube was preparing to launch a TV service known as “Unplugged,” which would emphasize homegrown channels as well as traditional networks. Here’s what was reported over the summer:

Rather than licensing content from a niche channel such as HGTV, YouTube can instead highlight the numerous channels across its platform that offer a similar focus. This would not help help highlight certain content creators on YouTube but underline how important and valuable this content is for the platform; many of the top YouTubers wouldn’t have been given an opportunity to have a voice at traditional networks, yet they have large followings on the platform, proving why YouTube is so important.

At the time, the report claimed ESPN, ABC and CBS were all close to signing on the dotted line, and it appears those talks are getting more advanced.

It’s still unclear when this service will launch and how subscriptions will be handled. According to a separate report from The Wall Street Journal, Google is looking to offer a bundle of channels that could be as cheap as $25 per month.

There are big TV services already available, including PlayStation Vue and Sling TV, although YouTube has an advantage due to its massive online presence.

Apparently, this new “Unplugged” service will be different from YouTube Red, which The Information previously claimed “doesn’t appear to be a hit.”


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