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Galaxy Note 7 class-action lawsuit filed following fires, recall

by Todd Haselton | October 19, 2016October 19, 2016 9:10 am PST

Samsung is now in the crosshairs of Galaxy Note 7 owners who recently filed a class action lawsuit against the company. The suit focuses on Samsung’s delay in officially issuing a Galaxy Note 7 recall, leaving folks with potentially dangerous smartphones they weren’t able to use without confidently knowing they were safe.

Waudby vs Samsung Electronics America was filed in the U.S. district court of Newark, New Jersey, on October 16. According to CNBC, consumers are asking for Samsung to pay damages for the “monthly device and plan charges for phones they could not use,” between the time devices starting catching fire and when Samsung officially recalled them.

Samsung has already been criticized for its late response to the first recall and for reissuing smartphones that were, for a second time, not safe to use.

Galaxy Note 7 goes to court

Consumers have a right to ask for these sort of damages, given that folks on device installment plans probably paid at least one installment plus carrier charges for data and network access. Carriers, however, were quicker than Samsung to call for consumers to return phones, which is probably why they’re off the hook here.

Samsung has tried to do right by offering exchanges and carrier credits for switching to a different device, though reports of bribery and cover-ups suggest there may have been some nefarious actions going on behind the scenes.


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