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Red Dead Online domain name registered by Take-Two Interactive

by Ron Duwell | October 18, 2016October 18, 2016 5:00 am PDT


Well, this might be a huge clue as to what is going on around here. Take-Two Interactive has just registered a brand new domain name for something called “Red Dead Online.”

Two teaser images have already been released this week hinting at a brand new Red Dead game, and the word “online” is now sparking memories of Metal Gear Online and GTA Online .

New game or just a domain?

Dealing with domains and trademarks is always a tricky business. This could mean that the new Red Dead game could be a standalone product that is exclusively an online experience. It could mean that Red Dead Online will be the multiplayer portion of a larger overall package that has a traditional single player campaign.

This could even just be the name of the domain that Take-Two will use as the game’s official website.

I’m leaning towards the option number two, meaning that this will be an online component, similar to Metal Gear’s and Grand Theft Auto’s online portions. However, until we get an official confirmation from Rockstar on whatever the game is, we’ll just have to keep speculating.


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