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Razer acquires THX, both companies pushing into VR

by Joey Davidson | October 18, 2016October 18, 2016 4:00 pm PST

E3 2016-9-Razer

Razer, makers of gaming accessories and hardware, acquired THX from Creative Labs. The specifics of the deal were not revealed.

Star Wars creator George Lucas founded THX in 1983. It’s best known for developing high-fidelity film audio. Creative bought THX in 2002. Now? Its majority is owned by Razer.

Razar, Inc. CEO  Min-Liang Tan had this to say about THX.

“Personally, I’ve been a fan of THX for most of my life. I appreciate what the people at THX have done to build, maintain and extend such a brand with a passionate following.

Professionally, the best-in-class audio video certifications, intellectual property and technology vision of THX is relevant to our fans and followers, as well as audiovisual enthusiasts generally. The THX audiovisual designers and engineers are the most talented of their kind in the world. I can suggest this with some authority, having personally worked with Laurie Fincham and his team when we embarked on the Razer|THX Mako project those years ago.”

Will Razer use THX to produce high-end sound for VR?

The announcement made no direct mention of VR, but both companies have been trying to push into the market. This acquisition would further those attempts.

Virtual reality needs the best tech to be immersive, and THX provides incredible audio solutions. This match could do wonders for both companies in the new medium.


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