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Gamers more likely to buy microtransactions than DLC, finds NPD study

by Joey Davidson | October 18, 2016October 18, 2016 9:00 am PDT

Microtansactions, whether we like them or not, aren’t going anywhere. They perform too well to be abandoned. The NPD Group recently released results from a study called “DLC and Microtransaction Purchasing,” which produced some compelling conclusions.

The survey included male and female respondents aged 13 – 54. In order to qualify for the survey, respondents had to have bought either DLC or a microtransaction within the last quarter. Of the 8,893 respondents, 2,470 qualified. That’s 28 percent of the group. “Microtransactions are purchased more often than DLC, at 23 percent and 16 percent, respectively,” NPD said.

Why purchase microtransactions over full DLC?

It comes down to price, according to the study.

78 percent of the qualified respondents were “willing to spend some amount of real money to purchase microtransactions such as weapons, tools and power-ups.” 68 percent dislike pay-to-win microtransactions models.

Half of the qualified respondents said DLC “was not worth the money,” and 16 percent of the respondents said that the DLC should have been in the full game to begin with. A majority of the respondents said they would pick up DLC if it was more affordable.

“Spending on microtransactions and DLC is currently healthy, but game publishers and developers must not lose sight of the importance of looking at areas that will stimulate spending growth without compromising real and perceived value of the content they’re providing,” NPD industry analyst Sam Naji explained.

What do you think about DLC vs. microtransactions?

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