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World of Final Fantasy demo, inspired by Pokémon, launches next week, best intro cinematic of the year!

by Ron Duwell | October 13, 2016October 13, 2016 6:00 pm PDT

World of Final Fantasy, or, as I like to call it, Pokémon: Final Fantasy Edition, is set for release on Oct. 25, and Square Enix wants you to give it a try before you buy. A demo will be released next week, giving players enough of a chance to experience the game for themselves before the full launch.

Square Enix also published the game’s opening cinematic on YouTibe, and I think I’m in love. It’s just fantastic, just like the stuff of legends from the days of the first PlayStation.

Why it matters:

Square Enix probably feels that the word is not out there enough on this game yet and that many are dismissing it as a cute fan game. They couldn’t be any further from the truth! It’s true that this sickeningly cute game is aimed at longtime fans of the series, but it has the guts and depth to be a solid experience on its own.

I lavished praised all over it after going hands-on at Tokyo Game Show 2016, and I positively compared it to the Pokémon franchise. Square Enix is aiming for that goal here with each of Final Fantasy’s classic monsters lurking within its dungeons, waiting to be captured by the two protagonist and their magical orbs.

If you love Pokémon and Final Fantasy like me, at least give the demo a try. I think fans will be surprised by the depth found in this game, and Square Enix is sure to see a boost in sales because of it.

World of Final Fantasy will release on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita on Oct. 25. Between this and Dragon Quest Builders, it’s possible that Square Enix’s spin-offs outshine the main entries in their franchises this year! Dragon Quest Builder’s demo no doubt turned many players on to the title, and I’m certain World of Final Fantasy‘s will as well.


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