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The visuals of the newest Rogue One trailer are incredible

by Brandon Russell | October 13, 2016October 13, 2016 10:30 am PDT

In lieu of analyzing the trailer frame by frame, I instead wanted to take a moment to admire the beauty Rogue One’s final trailer. We already knew it was going to be a gorgeous film from the earlier trailers we saw, but the new footage still blew us away.

Star Wars movies have always looked fantastic but there’s something that feels more raw and visceral about Rogue One. Gareth Edwards, most known for directing the Godzilla reboot, has a very distinct style and it’s really shining through in the latest footage.

There’s such a good use of scale and isolation of single characters (or ships) against beautiful, visually interesting backdrops. Edwards has managed to make Rogue One look like every Star Wars movie while simultaneously looking like something completely different.

The visuals also come down to the work of cinematographer Greig Fraser, who has contributed to such movies as Zero Dark Thirty, The Gambler, Foxcatcher, and Killing Them Softly. Everything is so picturesque, and things are framed in such a way that your attention is drawn to exactly where Fraser and Edwards want you to look—but you also have time to admire the smaller details.

Every frame in the trailer evokes strong feelings of emotion, from nostalgia to awe. It’s all just so beautiful, whether it’s seeing Darth Vader surrounded by smoke or the Death Star looming in the distance. Even if you mute the volume, the imagery is enough that viewers understand exactly what’s going on.

It also helps that Rogue One is introducing viewers to a host of new characters and locations. I think it’s pretty clear that the tropical planet Scarif is going to be a new favorite among Star Wars fans. It creates a startling juxtaposition between the galactic war that’s going on and the planet’s sheer beauty.

This was just a single two-minute trailer and I can’t wait to see an entire movie of this. Above are some of what I thought are some of the trailer’s best images.


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