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Leak reveals new blue coral color option for Galaxy S7 edge


With the Galaxy Note 7 now dead, Samsung must do something to boost sales of the other smartphones in its lineup. According to one leak, one of its moves will be to launch a new blue coral color option for the already popular Galaxy S7 edge.

Blue coral was first introduced with the Note 7, and it proved to be a popular color option. Fans who adored it may soon be able to get it back with the slightly smaller S7 edge, according to leaked glass panels that sport a Verizon logo.

The report that goes alongside this photo claims that the blue coral option will launch on Verizon in the United States first, before later rolling out to other countries. Samsung will be keen to make it available as quickly as possible, but it will have yield rates to contend with.

Recent reports have claimed that Samsung has already increased production of the Galaxy S7 series following the death of the Note 7. However, Samsung must do something to reignite interest in a series that’s now 7 months old to boost sales of those extra units.

It’s thought Samsung may also launch its new Galaxy S8 series earlier than usual, but the South Korean company will be keen not to rush another smartphone to market before ensuring it doesn’t suffer from the same issues as the Note 7.

We’ll have to wait until next summer to find out whether the Note series as we know it is now dead. Samsung will almost certainly launch another flagship phablet, but it could come with a different name that doesn’t have the same stigma attached.

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