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Keeping your Note 7? Cool, here are 6 accessories you need

by Joey Davidson | October 11, 2016October 11, 2016 7:52 am PDT

The Note 7 might heat up and catch fire. So what? You could say the same thing about tons of other things people own. My oven gets hot every day, and you don’t see me demanding a recall.

If you feel like this whole Note 7 catching fire thing has been, ahem, blown way out of proportion, you might want to hold on to your phone*. Hey, I get it, it’s a great phone aside from all the fire.

For you stalwarts out there with nothing to lose, I went ahead and compiled a list of awesome accessories for you to purchase.

This is far from a definitive list, so please feel free to add some to the comments below.

  1. A fire extinguisher.
  2. Oven mitts.
  3. A welding helmet.
  4. Smoke detectors.
  5. A fire blanket.
  6. A fire escape ladder.

Hey, at least you’ll save on your heating costs this winter.

*We recommend you return your Galaxy Note 7, here’s how.

Joey Davidson

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