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Overwatch: Halloween leaks point to today at 11am PT for event start

by Joey Davidson | October 11, 2016October 11, 2016 4:39 am PDT

Overwatch will have a Halloween event. We’ve known that thanks largely to Blizzard’s promise to move with the seasons to give the game a pulse and last week’s Xbox Store Loot Box leak.

Now we have a few more leaks to substantiate all this news. First, the Taiwanese arm of Blizzard posted the image of Junkenstein, as we’ve heard he’s called, and Roadhog as his monster on their site. In the second image, the date was changed to October 11, 2016. Then the page went down entirely. Those images sit at the top of this post.

In South Korea, internet cafes, one particular franchise known as PCBang, posted a notice about Overwatch going down today. That was shared on Reddit. The notice indicates that Overwatch will be patched at 3am KST (that’s 11am PT) on October 12, 2016. Korea is ahead of the west in time zones, so 3am on October 12 in Korea is 11am on October 11 in California. Got it?

The patch clips in at 1.74GB.

We’ve also heard that the special game type for this event will see Zombie Omnics (Zomnics) invade the Eichenwald castle as players cooperate to take them on. It’s a PvE “Horde Mode” style mode.

The Halloween Event could very well start today at 11am PT. All the leaks are pointing that way, and the timing lines up with the launch of the Summer Games event

Why this matters:

The Summer Games event was huge for Blizzard and Overwatch. We haven’t seen a massive update to content since August. The community is starving for new stuff.

Also, these Halloween skins could be something special. Look at the pair in the leaked images above. What if Zenyatta throws Jack O’Lanterns instead of orbs? How amazing would that be?

Blizzard’s set to make a fortune on this event if they do it right. That could all go down today. We’ll be all over the news if it happens.

Blizzard (Korean) Reddit

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