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Galaxy Note 7 return packaging includes thermal box, safety gloves

by Todd Haselton | October 11, 2016October 11, 2016 1:00 pm PDT

In case all of the fires caused by the Galaxy Note 7 haven’t caused receptors in your brain to fire warning messages about the dangers of the device, perhaps the return packaging will.  XDA Developers recently received a special box for returning the Galaxy Note 7 to Samsung and discussed some of the contents.

Samsung includes a special thermally insulated box to prevent any additional damage during the phone’s transit back to Samsung, should the phone catch fire, in addition to safety gloves. The gloves aren’t actually to protect you from fire, though, they’re to prevent irritation in case you touch the ceramic fiber paper inside of the recovery container.

Samsung knows you love boxes so much it gave you a box to put your box in. You’re supposed to put your Galaxy Note 7 back into its original packaging then inside the inner thermal box and then back into the primary recovery box.

You can avoid this by visiting a local wireless carrier and returning the Galaxy Note 7 that way. If you’re in touch with Samsung support, however, this is probably what you’ll end up receiving. Oh, and yes, the box needs to travel back to Samsung by ground.

XDA Developers

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