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Galaxy Note 7 fire video shows us exactly why it was canceled

by Todd Haselton | October 11, 2016October 11, 2016 1:39 pm PDT

The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and, as of this morning, is officially dead. The decision was made following numerous reports of Galaxy Note 7 fires, before and after the initial recall and replacement period.

The video below shows you what it looks like when one catches fire.

It’s relatively uneventful. You’ll see a woman walk into the frame with a bunch of smoke coming out of the alleged phone. The woman in the video is Dee Decasa, who told the AP that her Galaxy Note 7 caught fire while she was hanging out at home over the weekend. This is the first incident we’ve seen that appears on tape, and it seems like the fire sputters out pretty quickly.

Why this matters:

It’s evident just how unsafe the Galaxy Note 7 can be. It’s no wonder the FAA banned it from flights and, ultimately, why it has been discontinued. We understand it may have been a small percentage of devices that have ignited, but given that Samsung doesn’t seem to have been able to pinpoint the issue, it’s unclear how many defective units were in circulation. Check out the video below.

AP (YouTube) The Verge

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