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Cyanogen outlines exciting new “modular” strategy

by Todd Haselton | October 10, 2016October 10, 2016 4:00 pm PST


Cyanogen recently named a new CEO who will help the company expand into new areas. Cyanogen’s new CEO, Lior Tal, will replace Kirk Mcmaster who will now serve as executive chairman. In a blog post published on Monday, Tal discussed Cyanogen’s exciting new future.

Instead of focusing and developing the Cyanogen operating system, which packed Microsoft apps and shipped pre-installed on devices in emerging markets, the new Cyanogen will focus on creating a modular approach to the operating system.

If all goes to plan, then Cyanogen can sell mods to folks who want them.

“The new partnership program offers smartphone manufacturers greater freedom and opportunity to introduce intelligent, customizable Android smartphones using different parts of the Cyanogen OS via dynamic modules and MODs, with the ROM of their choice, whether stock Android or their own variant,” Tal explained. “Cyanogen’s Modular OS program will allow value, independence and intelligence to flow freely between the layers of the ecosystem, providing more companies and developers with the freedom to borrow from, unite and utilize our technology in new and innovative ways.”

Why this matters:

This matters because, for one, it’s the next step for the company and operating system that were born from CyanogenMod.

Cyanogen used to be a take it or leave it kind of operating system. Now, manufacturers who like different parts of Cyanogen can buy different modules and package them into their own versions of Android. Maybe Samsung really, really likes the notification shade, for example. Then a future Cyanogen might be able to sell that that as a bundled mod.

This all amounts to a pretty drastic change for Cyanogen. I’m curious if the company is taking this approach because it didn’t find as much demand for its operating system as it has hoped, or simply because it thinks this will help drive more business.

Todd Haselton

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