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Mega Man X2 now available for the New Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

by Ron Duwell | October 7, 2016October 7, 2016 7:00 pm PST

Mega Man X2

Mega Man X games keep strolling onto the Nintendo 3DS’ Virtual Console, and Demon’s Crest is nowhere to me found! Oh well, Capcom will get around to it eventually, I’m sure.

Mega Man X2 is now available for the New Nintendo 3DS, and I think it’s worth checking out. I’m not too sure, because my memory is a bit fuzzy with this one. I played it a long time ago as a kid, but it never really stuck the same way the first one or Mega Man X4 did. I think this is the one where you can battle the secret bosses, and if you beat all three, you can control Zero to a certain extent.

Maybe it’s the one where X can get a helmet that lets him smash through rocks, or is the it the one that lets him scan for secrets?

It’s been over a decade, maybe two, since I played Mega Man X2, and it doesn’t appear to be as memorable as its predecessor. However, one thing we can thank the game for is one of Mega Man’s best Internet memes, Green Biker Dude!

Maybe it’s time to check it out again after all these years. I’ve played the first one to pieces, and I know it inside and out. Mega Man X2 would practically be a new experience at this point. My gut tells me that it is a good game, though, because Capcom was operating at its peak of production in the Super Nintendo games, and even its unmemorable games are rock solid.


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