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Norway’s Prime Minister caught playing Pokémon GO during parliament

by Ron Duwell | October 6, 2016October 6, 2016 4:00 pm PST

Oops, we’ve all heard the stories of people caught playing Pokémon GO during the most inappropriate times. At work, while driving, you name it! Even our world leaders are caught up playing the game when they are supposed to, you know, be running the countries we live in!

As caught by The Guardian, here’s Norway’s prime minister and leader of the conservative party, Erna Solberg, playing Pokémon GO right in the middle of a parliament session. Not only that, it was during a speech being made by her political rival, the leader of the Liberal party, Trine Skei Grande.

However, no controversy has erupted over the incident seeing how Grande herself had been caught playing Pokémon GO before during a session. She replied with a fun nudge on her Twitter account, saying “we ladies can do two things at the same time you know.”

Must be nice to live in such a chill country. Can you imagine the outcry Americans would have if Obama or a senator was caught in the same situation? The media would blow it out of proportion, apologies would have to be made, political rivals would capitalize on the controversy, and prude Americans would tell their representatives to do their jobs properly.

Oh, to be free from it all.

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