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Google Pixel on Verizon will come with bloatware

by Brandon Russell | October 6, 2016October 6, 2016 6:30 pm PST

There are few things worse than buying a phone that comes with carrier apps preloaded. It’s a practice that, even in the year 2016, continues to exist much to the dismay of virtually every smartphone owner. So, you’ll be sad to hear that Google’s new Pixel will also come with bloatware if you purchase it through Verizon.

Considering how closely Google is trying to follow the Apple model with its Pixel phones, we’re a little surprised to learn these devices will come with bloat. Apple’s iPhone never comes with carrier apps preinstalled (Apple bloat is another story) and it looks like it’ll remain that way for the foreseeable future.

The good news is that Verizon will only preload three of its apps from the Google Play Store, including My Verizon, Go90, and VZ Messages. The wording here is a little tricky and we won’t know until the Pixel launches for Verizon later this month, but because the apps are considered “preloaded Play Store apps,” it suggests customers will be able to delete them.

Under the “preloaded Verizon apps” section (image below), Verizon doesn’t list anything, so customers won’t have to deal with apps like VZ Navigator or Verizon Cloud. Typically, Verizon devices running Android come with upwards of 10 preloaded apps, so three is a pretty big improvement.

Some of the other preloaded Play Store apps, at least on Verizon, include Allo, Duo, Android Pay, Docs, and Keep. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these apps also preloaded with unlocked models as well when they’re available

The Google Pixel is currently available for preorder at the Google Store for $649.


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