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Nerf’s redesigned blaster darts are more accurate than ever

by Brandon Russell | October 5, 2016October 5, 2016 2:00 pm PST

Nerf blasters have never been known for their accuracy but that’s about to change with its new Accustrike line. The blasters themselves don’t look out of the ordinary but they use redesigned darts that Nerf claims will actually hit the target you’re aiming at. No, really.

Arriving next spring, Nerf apparently spent two years redesigning the darts, which feature improved balance and weight distribution. The tip has also been redesigned for improved airflow and aerodynamics.

Too often Nerf blaster darts curve off course when they’re shot, which means hitting your target is more luck than skill. The best approach when participating in a Nerf fight is to fire as many darts toward your target and hope one hits. Not anymore.

Nerf actually released a document explaining how it tested these new darts. Here’s a portion:

In each test, the blaster was fired 30 times from a fixed position and angle at a grid 30 feet away. We analyzed the data points to determine the diameter of the smallest circle that contained 90% of the shots; then a circle was graphed around those shots. In order to compare the dart types, the shot diameter of all of the trials with each dart type were compared collectively. The smallest average shot diameter was the AccuStrike Series darts at 25.57 inches.

There are four blasters as part of the new Accustrike series, with prices ranging from $10 to $30. The more accurate darts will work with any blaster that uses Nerf’s Elite series darts, which means you won’t need to buy a new blaster to become the sharpest shooter on your block.

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