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Google Wifi works with OnHub, Google confirms

by Jacob Kleinman | October 5, 2016October 5, 2016 7:30 pm EST

Google Wifi might be the company’s cool new router, but OnHub owners won’t be abandoned. It turns out that Google is going all out to get Google Wifi and OnHub working in unison, making it easy to combine the old and new routers into a single Wi-Fi network.

Google Wifi will be controlled using the same “Google On” app originally released to manage your OnHub router, according to an email several OnHub owners on staff received. OnHub towers should also blend seamlessly into the mesh network created by Google Wifi. Your various Google routers will automatically link together to spread wireless internet across your home.

Google Wifi offers a few other nice perks, including easy controls to manage which devices have access to the internet. That could be great for parents who want to limit how much time their kids spend online. OnHub offers some smart features as well, including the option to prioritize service to a specific device, seamless security updates and support for IFTTT.

Google Wifi is set to launch in December for $129 each. A bundle of three will cost $299. Google is still selling a few different OnHub models for $199 each, but it’s probably worth holding off for Google Wifi at this point.

Jacob Kleinman

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